Guide lines for Trauma & Emergency Case

  • Undertake life support training for police personals, ambulance drivers and health workers – one batch every month
  • Organise training  session for school and college students & general public on basic life support
  • IMA Members should be sensitized on the importance of thorough and complete medical examination of drivers- regularly and especially during license renewal
  • IMA should conduct general awareness for public on importance of periodic medical check-up especially vision
  • control of diabetes and hypertension in preventing vision deficits-thereby preventing accidents
  • Golden hour, safe transport

Note :

1. Please display Road Safety Hordings , Highlighting IMA at Point of entry of your respective cities.
2. Best Branch performing this project is entitled for a Gold medal & cash Prize of Rs. 11000/- .
3. For Training programs & other queries please contact the undersigned.