Schewed  sex ratio is  a cause  of  concern  for all  sections  of society. Inspite  of PCPNDT  act  in force  for  more  than  two  decades and  its strict  implementation rather over implementation  and  misuse , there is no significant change in  sex ratio. Rather  the PCPNDT act has become  a tool  for  harassment and a source of  corruption  in the  hands of  government machinery against the private practitioners. The Ultra sound technology  is an  excellent diagnostic tool  for medical ferternity. But unfortunately the machine has  become a musibat. Indian Medical  Association  demands as follows:-

  1. The ultrasound machine does not come under  the jurisdiction  of PCPNDT  Act  so  the law  is  wrongly interpreted and unjustifiably implemented by  the authorities.
  2. It is  ridiculus that  in the absence of any  definite by -laws the concerned health authorities are making  there own  set of  laws  at there own  wims and irrational  thinkings  and harassing the

private  practitioners.

  1. It is very surprising  that  so called violations minor or  major  the punishment  is  same  for any  clerical  mistake in  filling up  the form  or  any  such minor errors  on one  hand and actually doing  sex  determination, quontum of punishment is the same i.e. your  machine is  sealed , you are prosecuted. This  is highly unjustified  & in-human for any standard of judgement.

Indian Medical  Association  has decided not  to do any  ultra sound work  and all  of us will  Wear Black Batches in protest against  above said injustice and  we demand. :-

  1. Ultra sound machine is not under the  perview of PCPNDT act so stop  harassing us.
  2. For any violation  of the PCPNDT  act  the punishment should be
  3. The parents &  close  family members  who instigate  &  are  actually involved  in female  foeticide & infanticide  should  be booked  & punished  under the  law  for
  4. Because this  act  has  failed  to  yield any  result for the last two  So  the actual reasons of  deteriorating sex  ratio – should be analysed  & corrective action  taken  be as follows.
  5. Female infanticide is one important factor.
  6. High mortality rate   of  female child in the  first  five years because  of poor  nutrition , neglect by  the parents and preference to the  male  child over the female by  the parents.
  • Insecurity of the female gender in the  society due to  ineffective implementation  of the existing  laws  by the authorities.
  1. Harassment of the married females by  in laws.
  2. Mind set of the public in general  and even the so called law makers  parliamentarians and other  leaders against  the female gender  which  is  apparent  at  the floor  of the  parliament house  and out side  in the public is very
  3. Universal free education  face health  facilities equal chances of  job  Equal  representations in  assembly and  parliament and  other  local government bodies are  other  methods.

They should  be  provision of reimbursement  of the expenses inquid by  the  daughter on the treatment of their  parents even after the marriage.