IMA Punjab Congratulate all citizens of India on 69th Anniversary of Independence .
Although we have achieved Independence but still there is one field i.e. Health, we have not
achieved our constitutional right which is as follows :-

Health is a state subject and to achieve “ “Universal Health Coverage” and “ Health in All “ , health must be declared as concurrent subject by constitution like education. Primary health care and emergency health care in platinum hour & Golden hours must be ensured by the Government. . Primary health care services including the consultation , diagnostic facilities and emergency life savings drugs should be available free of costs 24 hours a day to al the citizens. To achieves this target more and more paramedical staff trainings school should be made available.

A corpus fund should be created by levying cess on service tax , Vat , Property tax etc and that should be utilized for funding the emergency service especially for :-

  • Road Traffic Accident First Hr Platinum Hr
  • Cardiac Emergencies First 6 Hr Golden Hr
  • Stroke in golden First 4 ½ hrs
  • Pregnancies relates emergencies First 8 hrs

2. Emergency Services should be available round the clock free of cost without legal entanglement .
Strengthen the transport system & training in ALCS , initial assessment , triage & safe transport of patients should be given to ambulance drivers , health care providers , Police personals etc.
3. Payment mechanism must be in place at par with TPAS with National Emergency numbers.
4. All primary & secondary care private hospitals should be empanelled for primary , secondary  & emergency care for all.

IMA highly appreciate the initiative taken by our Hon’able Prime Minister Shri. Narinder Modi. He has started a pilot project of free treatment to all accident patient in all the hospital in Maharashtar & Gujrat State in first 48 hrs. If it succeed then it may be extended to all over India.

IMA further request that on similar pattern all Heart Attack patient in the First 6 hr should be treated free of cost in all hospital all over the India that will save lot of lifes.On similar pattern stroke patient in first 4 ½ hr & all pregnancy related emergencies in first 8 hr should given free treatment  all over India in all hospitals that will save millions of people with stroke & reduce maternal & infant mortality.