Message From President

My Dear Friends,

presidentI am extremely thankful to you for electing me unanimously as State President IMA Punjab. I am humbled by the confidence and trust shown  in me.  It’s an honour for me to serve the medical fraternity as State President IMA Punjab. With cooperation, support and well wishes of you and guidance of the seniors, I hope that I will be able to shoulder this huge responsibility.  I have been associated with IMA for the last 25 years and have got opportunity to work with stalwarts of the IMA Punjab in various capacities.  This has made me wiser and I have learned many things. I am indebted to all of them.  Dear Friends, the medical fraternity is passing through very critical and testing times and with every passing day new problems and difficulties confront us. Now is the time to organise ourselves in a very cohesive and effective association to meet the innumerable challenges being faced by us.  Any association or organisation and its leadership are as strong as are its members and their dedication towards the cause. The trust and whole hearted support of the members is the back bone and real strength of any organisation.  I must say that IMA Punjab is very vibrant and strong body and we together will be able to find solutions to the various burning issues at the moment.

Some of the important issues which need urgent attention are the following:

1. REGULARISATION OF THE Hospitals/NURSING HOMES IN RESIDENTIAL AREAS : This is very important issue . Lot of efforts have been made by previous teams .Good work will be carried forward and my team will seriously follow this up

2. VIOLENCE AGAINST DOCTORS.- Strict implementation of the Punjab Protection of Medicare Persons and Medicare Institutions( Prevention of Violence and Damage to Property) Act 2008 will be my priority. We will try our best to make this act a Living Act.

3. FIR u/s 304-A—- STRICT IMPLEMENTATION OF SC GUIDELINES in cases of hospital deaths. I will request local branch presidents to sensitize the SHO’s in their areas about SC guidelines.

4. CEA-2010: Though this Act has not been implemented in Punjab but still we have to be alert to any such move by the government in future.

5. PCMS DOCTORS  issues: Special emphasis will be on addressing the service issues of these doctors

6. PC-PNDT ACT:- National IMA is fully seized of the matter and inter ministerial group has taken the decision to recommend IMA viewpoint of graded punishment for clerical errors

7. NEXT – for MBBS graduates; IMA totally opposes it and will continue its struggle. IMA Punjab will fully support the national IMA on this issue

8. Organ Donation: IMA Punjab will put special emphasis on this and mass awareness campaign will be launched to encourage Cadaveric organ donation.  Apart from that my endeavour will be to implement the following schemes of the National HQrs.

9. NSSS: It is a very good social security scheme, but has not received the importance it deserves. My aim will be to bring maximum number of members under it.

10. PEPP: Professional equipment protection project launched by NP Dr KK Aggarwal is very good project and will of immense benefits to IMA members. IMA Punjab supports it

11. INDIAN COLLEGE OF GPs—to include every GP member of IMA in this college will be our aim
12. IMA STUDENT NETWORK— Students of All medical colleges in Punjab will be covered. They will be made E members without paying any fee and when they complete their MBBS
they will be made full members by paying Life Membership fee in five interest free instalments in 5 years.




To make communication faster and effective   emphasis will be on e-communication. Let us move towards Paperless IMA Punjab – Lets go digital. All the local branch presidents/secretaries, Chairmen of various committees and State Council members will be linked with respective WhatsApp and email groups.  I request you to cooperate with Hony Secretary to update the database. Members of these groups are requested to exercise self restraint and to use these groups for relevant messages only.

I take this opportunity to congratulate Dr. P S Bakshi, National Vice President Elect and Past State president and his team for organising a very excellent and successful 68th National Conference NATCON 2016, at Amritsar on 27th-28th December 2016. This is worth mentioning that IMA Punjab got this honour for the first time and we under the able guidance and untiring efforts of Dr Bakshi came out with flying colours. This herculean effort has given a new recognition to IMA Punjab at National HQrs and in the rest of India. We are very thankful to the Organising Chairman Dr P.S.Bakshi, Organising Secretary Dr Navjot Singh Dahiya and the entire organising team for their dedication and hard work.

I also take this opportunity to congratulate Dr RL Taneja and Dr, Harsh Bholla for organising PIMACON 2016 in an excellent way.  My sincere thanks to Dr. Kamal Baghi for providing a beautiful venue for the conference and ensuring its success. IMA Ferozepur and IMA Ludhiana deserve praise for being great hosts. Thanks for your warm hospitality.   I am sure that with help and co-operation of all of you we will be able to make our Association more strong and a force to reckon with.  I further solicit the benevolence and support of Stalwarts of IMA Punjab in discharging my duties with utmost sincerity and honesty. I pray to God to give me strength and capability to do justice to the trust and hopes you have shown in me.

I assure all the members of IMA Punjab that I will try to be as accessible as possible to them all the time. You can contact me via, phone, email, WhatsApp.  I will try my best to help you.  With utmost humbleness I will conclude with the words of Albert Camus

“Don’t walk in front of me…
I may not follow don’t walk behind me… I may not lead
Walk beside me… just be my friend”.
Let us walk together and work together
Long Live IMA Jai Hind